Saturday, December 26, 2009


On Monday morning i had an appointment at the nail place and all i got was simply acrylics with just the one colour. (i usually go for a french manicure.) So i was asked to look through the nail polishes and pick the colour i wanted. So i was looking through the colours and found a really, really pretty pink colour by OPI (the one pictured above). Now i really want to know the name of this polish so i can purchase it for myself. So if anyone knows what the colour is please let me know its by OPI. Or if you know of a dupe for this please let me know also. 

Beautyaholic101... xo


  1. Thanks, it says it is from Big W. I am guessing either in the cosmetics area or maybe on those sale racks?

    Oh and that colour looks very similar to OPI Pink Flamenco. Check it out, i think it might be the one :)

  2. Hey :) replying to the comment you left on my blog!!! I had my rhiniplasty done :) I posted pics, but they are scary as! lol Ill post the before and after results in about a week when I get my plaster off!!
    Ps. You so should get your navel done! If you're worried about the pain, get some "EMLA" cream from the chemist :) Its what I do lol Its a numbing cream!!