Saturday, December 5, 2009

How To Keep Your Hair From Getting Greasy Quickly

So do you find that your hair becomes greasy not long after you've washed it? well i've got a very simple, quick tip for you.
When washing your hair you should always shampoo twice. The first gets rid of the greasiness and dirt in your hair. The second wash actually does what the shampoo claims it does whether that be volume, shine, etc.

Okay so when it comes to conditioner you should always condition your hair. But here's the thing you should never apply conditioner near your scalp/roots that's what will make it look and feel greasy. You should only condition the ends of your hair.

Another tip is that you shouldn't stick with the same shampoo and conditioner try to switch it up every now and then.

Sometimes you might have product buildup which will cause you hair looking and feeling greasy and if thats the case your gonna need specific shampoo/conditioner for that.

Do you have any haircare tips?


  1. Dry shampoo! woop woop! haha my favs are Batiste and Lee Stafford :) I have major product build up but I dont wana use a stripping shampoo just yet cos my hair is damaged too! ahh x