Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bayonelle Face Facts Review

So i Purchased this face facts kit/set thing today and it was only $1.50 what a bargain right!?
So it comes with:
  • Six Eye Shadows
  1. Hot Pink e/s
  2. Midnight e/s
  3. Snow White e/s
  4. Flame Orange e/s
  5. Aqua Blue e/s
  6. Gold Stardust e/s
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Mint Flavoured Red Lip Gloss
  • Lightish Pink Blush
    2x Applicators (double sided)

I must say that i was very impressed with the e/s they were very pigmented, with just one swipe i got such great pigmentation which really impressed me because i really didn't expect it.

The Blush matches my skin tone really well, its a lightish pink colour with quiet good pigmentation also. So you don't need much product at all when applying.

The eyeliner i was also very impressed with it was really smooth which made the application that much easier.
The lipgloss is really sheer, but if you apply a couple coats you get a pretty good colour payout. I don't mind that the first application is sheer as it still looks stunning sheer. But its definitely not mint flavoured which i'm glad about because i hate mint.
Also you get 4 looks applyed using this kit which is good cause you get a couple ideas.

So overall i really like this product. But seriously for only $1.50 you can't go wrong with this product. The best parts that its not tested on animals

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DOVE Summer Glow Body Lotion

I love this product it does everything it claims.It says that it gradually builds a tan. You can see the difference within two days of using it. It gives you best results if you use it daily until you get the tan you desire. You should let it absorb totally before dressing and don't forget to wash your hands afterwards. After applying it, it leaves your skin silky smooth.

When i first purchased it my mum used it on her feet because she didn't relize it was a tanning lotion (she always uses lotion on her feet and puts socks on , then sleeps. This helps give you very smooth nice feet).Anyways so she got up the next day and her feet were so tan. She then red the bottle and relized it was a tanning lotion.LOL:)