Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My 3 Favorite Nail Polishes

So todays blog is going to be on my 3 favorite nail polishes. This is a contest entry for 'The Nail Buff'. Now this is going to be the nail polishes i already own not ones that i just generally like but don't have. So i hope you guys enjoy this and feel free to comment below and let me know of your favorite nail polishes.

1. E (no. 39), Bright Blue (on the left hand side)
I absolutely adore this colour, but the thing is you need a lot of coats to get the colour displayed in the image below. It is so sheer you'd probably need around 3-4 coats. Its got quite a thick consistency yet really sheer. But as you can see the color is gorgeous.

2. Bourjois (Rouge Escarpin no. 10), (middle colour)
This i must say is my number 1 favorite polish of all time. The consistency is so great you seriously need only 1 coat and you've got absolutely amazing Bright Red nails. The finish is wonderful dries really fast and leaves your nails shiny and beautiful. I was really lucky to find this i have been looking around for a red polish for so long now and while i was at work experience at Myer i found this on sale for only $5 (half price) so i had to get it. I would definitely repurchase Boujois nail polishes again and again.
3. BYS (Ultra Violet no.N83) (on the right hand side)
This is one of my older polishes but still one that i am totally loving. This polish applies really well you can get away with 1 coat but i prefer 2 coats i think it makes a really big difference. The brush is great really easy to apply with and overall i just really like this product.

Thankyou guys for reading and just before i go id like to thank Holly and Hele (The Nail Buff) for holding this contest and allowing anybody to enter. So thankyou guys so much and i hope you enjoyed reading this.

And if you would like to enter here is the link:

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