Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abit About Me...

Hey Everyone,Thanx for visiting my blog please follow me if you wish. Also please chek out my youtube account and subscribe and also my twitter and follow me there too.Here i will be posting beauty related posts such as reviews etc. and also some random stuff. Thanx again and don't forget to follow me.


  1. Hey! Just replying to the comment you left on my Rhinoplasty post - You have to be 18, or you have to have your parents permission (I THINK!!), Im 19, So I didnt have to worry about any of that. Its good to have your parents agreeing with you that you should get a nose job, because that means they can support you all the way through!!! Mines only costing $2600, because I have private health insurance, otherwise it would have cost me $8000 or MORE! So depending whether or not you have insurance, its like a huge difference. I would have gotten my new job even if it cost $8000, I want it that bad. I havent gone through it yet, but Ill defnitely post pictures and tell everyone how Im holding up! Im getting prepared for either alot of pain, or alot of prescribed pain medications LOL I have a low pain threshold so Im freaking out!! Ill tell you how it goes :) pics and everything!! x

  2. Oh thanx so much for replying i want it so badly you cant imagine lol

    wow thats a really big difference what type of health insurance do you have?

    i hope everything goes well for you and cant wait for future posts.